The Story Behind Multi-Ethnic Talent & Promotion™, Inc

How It All Began

Circa 1994

Back in 1987, when I was just starting law school at the University of Miami, one of the first people I met was Annette. She became a great friend. Soon thereafter, she branched out and became the editor of the law school newspaper, the Res Ipsa Loquitur. She wrangled all the writers (including yours truly who became a reluctant columnist) and painstakingly designed all the pages (sound familiar). When we graduated, we both moved to New York City.

After a few years, she got the opportunity to pursue her passion for acting and enrolled in the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. While looking for a scene partner, she met a second-generation Indian actor. It turned out that he needed help navigating the many public appearances request he was getting. “Can you pretend to be my manager and . . . “ he would ask Annette.

After a few of those requests, the light bulb went off. Annette who had always wanted her own business came over one day and asked if I wanted to start a business. “Sure,” I said. In Feb. of 1994 we officially became Multi-Ethnic Talent & Promotion, Inc.

We were visionaries. (That client — our first — is still with us. Immediately after we incorporated, he went on to become the face of MTV Asia.)


Annette E Alvarez (left), & Joan C Silverman Circa 1994-ish

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